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Garbled text and no mouse when I launch skyrim from Mod Organizer



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Thanks for the replies.

I tried disabling all the mods in MO and it made no difference. Launching with and without SKSE makes no difference.

I disabled ENB and it also made no difference.

It is the English version of the game and if I launch it from the Skyrim Launcher or directly, without MO, it works fine so it's something that MO is doing.

I copied the contents of the Skyrim.ini and the Skyrimprefs.ini from the default location and pasted into the MO versions to make sure they matched. That also didn't effect the problem.

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OK, I have now backed up and deleted my Skrim folder. I restored a backup of the clean install and then verified the game cache. I opened skyrim from Steam and reset the settings for video and made sure it ran properly and it did. When I open that clean version from MO, I get exactly the same thing as before. I am convinced that there is some stupid setting I'm missing somewhere or a path is wrong but I can't find anything. Skyrim and MO are on different drives, if that makes a difference.

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