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Sorry for being a pain :)


But I really don't like the colors in the Vividian ENB (they're to bright and soft), so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I would like a ENB thats a bit more "realistic", so my question is if I were to go with realvision what should I install (mostly concerned about the weather mods RV requires and the partical, subsurface patches). I already asked vurt about the vegetation...


So any recommendations and tips would be very helpfull :)


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About the particle and subsurface scattering patches, I assume you followed the SR:LE guide? If so, they are installed as a part of Vividian ENB (under Vividian - Weather - Lighting Enhancement, expand the FOMOD options and you will see). I have not tried RealVision myself but did use a couple of other ENBs. A lot of presets link Mindflux' Subsurface Scattering and Particle patches as optional files and if you disable Vividian's files in MO I highly recommend installing them in a separate directory and placing them near Vividian's files in MO's left pane. This is because some of its files get overwritten by other mods in SR:LE, so you want to keep that in the same order as Neovalen intended.


About weather mods, I still kept CoT when trying out other ENBs. The main problem with switching is that Vividian comes with many patches and enhancements out of the box and most others presets don't. A quote from the guide:



Files to merge:
  • Vividian - Weather Patch Vanilla.esp
  • Vividian - Weather Patch CoT + AOS.esp
  • Vividian - Torches Preset.esp
  • Vividian - Wearable Lanterns Preset.esp

Output file:

  • Vividian ENB.esp

As you can see, with Vividian you have installed a 'CoT weather patch'. I think this one is based on this weather patch, but tailored for Vividian ENB. I highly recommend you install this original CoT weather patch if you decide to disable Vividian and its files. As an example of what this patch fixes: all of the presets I tried after disabling Vividian made it so that during some bright (CoT) weathers every snowy area was waaay too bright. The CoT weather patch fixed this.


I do recommend to keep Vivid Clouds and Fogs with the Extended Weathers plugin though. If you look through TES5Edit you will notice that 'Vividian ENB - Extended Weathers' overwrites some of the CoT Weatherpatch, but you will also see that the Vividian ENB - Extended Weathers esp already contains many of the changes from the Weather Patch.


If you opt to install True Storms, which I just noticed is listed as a recommendation in RealVision's description, beware that it may need manual patching when combined with Vividian ENB Extended Weathers.


Another possible recommendation would be Natural Lighting and Atmospherics for ENB. This seems to be a popular ENB aimed at realism and some other presets use it as a base. It comes with its own esp, so I don't know how well that works with CoT and Vividian's extended weathers. Personally I never used it because I prefer more fantasy based ENBs like the Grim and Somber ENBs. They don't officially support CoT or any other weather mods for that matter, but look pretty good with it nonetheless.

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Thanks :)

Well I tried only using the preset of RV over the already installed vividian patches, but it didn't look as intended.

Guess Ill have to experiment a bit

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Well, you could use any of the vividian Mods with any other ENB.

All you do not need to install is the vividian install files files with the enb stuff in it.

But notice that realvision for example do not have weather support at all, like you are used to in vividian. (sorry skyrimtuner, last time i looked you didnt used the enb weather system at all and thats for me atleast a no go when claiming to support COT wich consumes over 500 weather states) Anyhow vividan comes also with a sharp version in the installer for a sharper picture. ;)

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Im kind of looking for another ENB also, maybe something like realvision or purevision, so I wonder if there have been any progress here?

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