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Cults of Skyrim (by Brucho)

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Cults of Skyrim by Brucho


Description: Have you ever felt that Skyrim lacks the variety and amount of secret places? Have you ever missed the thrilling and exciting cults like the Mystic Dawn from Oblivion? Have you ever felt disappointed with Skyrim's exploration and its rewards? Well then, Cults of Skyrim tries to fix those weak spots.


That description alone sold me to sharing this mod. I actually do miss those strange cults in Oblivion. Even the Lovecraft inspired quest in the middle of nowhere(in Oblivion).


Continuing: Cults of Skyrim is a mod designed to enhance player's willingness to explore and explorations rewards. It uses Skyrim's unused space to include secret dungeons and locations. These dungeons and locations aren't just placed there for the matter of existing. Each location and dungeon tell their own unique hand written story.

"Sooo... What kind of content does this add?"
This mod adds new unique Dungeons, NPCs, weapons, armors, factions. Everything connects with a story behind every NPC and dungeon. NPCs are more alive than a stupid bandit, There is an ongoing story escalating with every patch, and much more.


It will conflict with mods which uses same cells though.

(He added a ton of new locations, so I would appreciate if someone can post a tutorial video of checking for cell conflicts, specifically this, because I'd love to try this mod out)




(Since Mirallian cult established their presence in Skyrim [Mainly in Kthaar] they have been sending information back to Morrowind on current Skyrim's situation. Their motives are currently unclear, but Mirallian cult is very strong and old. It dates back to Oblivion crisis and they remained in the shadows most of the time. Their presence in Skyrim turned out to be positive in some ways. They successfully launched several operations against other Skyrim's cults effectively destroying many smaller cults and strongly suppressing cults like Blacksun.

Blacksun Cult also went through several internal struggles, Jady disappeared with Xengar's Crystal, and power of Xengar's crystal is becoming weaker on the rest of Blacksun cult's memebers. Some speculate that she left Skyrim, or she is consuming crystal's power somehow and with that sapping it's widespread shared power to the rest of Blacksun cult's memebers.

But even with destroyed smaller cults and suppressed dreadful cults like Blacksun, Mirallian cult could pose bigger threat than anyone suspects. Guards of Solitude and Winterhold received several reports from fishermen and adventurers that they have spotted boats with apparently dark elves sailing them.)

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