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Cleaned ESM's Location, Does It Matter?



Started a fresh install of everything, ground zero, and using Step guidelines. So far everything is running fab, but I've come across, possibly a concern, in cleaning the usual Update, Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn ESM's (I cannot find any definite info). When I clean Update.esm, for example, everything goes perfectly except the MO Overwrite file containes the backups folder (no issues there), but also the cleaned Update.esm. The only info I could find was a random posting that MO does this when not knowing where to put the cleaned file, but also not a big deal. I can move that file and install as a mod just like in the tutorials (it'll do the same for the other dlc's). Everything runs fine afterwards and without any warnings. So, anyone know why the cleaned update.esm doesn't auto relocate back to the Data folder and does it even matter as long as I can manipulate it where I want?


Thank you for any help/reassurance :]

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What you have just described is exactly how it should work.


When you run xEdit it cleaned your Update.esm and replaced the original, in the Data folder, with a cleaned version. Because you have the option in xEdit to "Create backups" the original file is found in the 'Overwrite' folder in xEdit's 'Backup Folder'.


This is what you want. The cleaned plugin is where it should be and the original is found in the new folder. You can make a folder and NOT activate it, keeping the original in a secure place. Or just delete it. You can always verify the game with Steam and restore those files should the need arise.


GamerPoet does however advise another way that involves moving the original file away first and then cleaning it so that the original 'dirty' plugins are always found in the Data folder, and thus Steam checks will not see a need to 'fix' them. The now newly cleaned files are then made into new mods that are activated in MO and replace the original plugins upon game start. Your choice as to which option you take, both ways result in the same thing: a cleaned game.

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Actually, that is my problem. It is creating the clean file in the Overwrite folder along with the original Backups and leaving the Data folder without an esm until I manually move it.

Ahh... re-reading your OP I see that is exactly what you said. My bad.

So, can you provide your MO settings for how you have xEdit set up to run? I'd be interested to see if you have anything significantly different that might cause it do that. Might also like to provide the versions of MO and xEdit you're running.


As to whether it will causes issues. No, if you have the cleaned plugin in a mod, the way GamerPoet suggests, then so long as that is active and lower than the 'Unmanaged - dirty' version in the left-hand pane, all should be fine.

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