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Realistic Primitive Horse Breeds (by KrittaKitty)


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Breeds included:

Fjord Horse - Solitude
Black Fell Pony - Whiterun
Grey Fell Pony - Riften
Haflinger Horse - Markarth
Exmoor Pony - Windhelm

Unique Frost - Solid White
Unique Shadowmere - Darker Black


Made on Tech's request.

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That's a good idea, actually... to use primitive models of horses for Skyrim horses.  Skyrim is pretty much has a very "stone age" bestiary in general.  I think this fits in well with the overall scheme of Skyrim.  We already have: Irish Elk (while just referred to as "Elk" within the game, they are in fact Irish Elk - just look that up in an internet search and you'll see what I mean, unless you're blind... well, then I can't help you.  lol), Mammoths, Sabrecats, and Cave Bears.


EDIT: Was it the "Immersive Horses" mod that includes this or part of this?

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