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Thanks is an understatement!

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I don't really know where to put this so feel free to move/delete it, but I wanted to give a sincere thank you to everyone involved in STEP. I've messed around with a fair amount of mods in Skyrim before but have had issues with graphical stuff in the past (CTDs, missing textures, etc.). I had decided it wasn't worth it.


Well, I finally just finished getting through installing STEP: Extended and it's unbelievable, to benchmark I played to Whiterun and ran all around the city getting a consistent FPS of 60 with no stuttering, max temps staying under 50 on CPU and GPU about an hour in. Works flawlessly, literally 0 troubleshooting required and (for as complicated as it is) very straightforward guide. So again, thanks for going through all of the trouble to do this and keep things updated!

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I'm always saying thank you to everyone here. They are all just so helpful. The guide has so much detailed information and is very clearly written. I never got around to extended, but core is a great base to add more mods to (well the ridiculous mods I like anyway).


Nice you got everything sorted/up and running straight away. Skyrim is not a tame beast!

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