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Missing Cave Asset? Not sure what's going on.



Okay, so I'm running through Chillwind Depths and I notice some floating patches of dirt hovering where I assume there ought to be a cliff wall.

My companion catches up to me and his torch illuminates the wall, revealing that part of the cliff face is missing - not a texture missing, the entire cliff model. Oddly enough though, its collision is still registering. I double checked by clicking multiple times to see if I was right, and sure enough everywhere I clicked returned the same FormID.

Not really sure what would cause this, I've had a texture problem before, but that was a VRAM allocation issue - I can say with certainty this is a whole different issue entirely. From my understanding if just the texture was missing, then the model would be painted purple or black. It's completely invisible.


Here's a picture of the issue:







I used tes5edit and nifskope to find the mesh and texture.

mesh: CaveGCliffs03NS.nif

texture: CaveBaseGround01.dds/ CaveBaseGround01_n.dds


I am using STEP Extended 2.2.8, yes I know I'm out of date. I'm really hoping that isn't the cause of my issues, because I'd prefer not to have to re-do my Skyrim install at this current juncture.

My mod manager is Mod Organizer.

If there's anything more that I need to share, please don't hesitate to tell me so. I'd like to get this resolved as painlessly and quickly as possible.


System Specs:

i5 3570k

8gb DDR3 1600

Gigabyte GTX 970 4GB (G1 rev 1.1 model)

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I can't say what would cause this but you really should update your STEP install. It's really simple to do with MO. Just click through the Guide and update the mods that need to be updated, install the new mods, and remove the old mods that have been dropped.  The changelog has all the information on the mod additions and drops. I did it yesterday myself and it only took an hour to ensure all my mods were up-to-date...of course, I'm running the v2.2.9.1 Dev Guide.

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If it's as easy as that then I might update, but at the same time I'm concerned for my save file. I'd rather not have to start a new game right now and I'm concerned updating my STEP would affect my current one negatively.

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