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STEP:Core with Legendary Edition DLCs



Just a question regarding installing the STEP core alongside all the DLCs (Dawnguard, Hearthfires, Dragonborn). Should I clean the dlcs with TESVEdit as is done in SR:LE or just stick with cleaning Update.esm? Since I'm new to the forum, I'll add a major thank you to the creators of this project. I might try creating some mods myself as soon as I understand the SDK's thoroughly (I'm a web application developer).


EDIT: Since I can't delete the topic I'll just say I'm an idiot and I found my answer. Forgive me and close the thread please :(

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No, you're not an idiot, we have all at one time come across what seems like an unanswerable question only to find later on that the answer was in fact just in front of us.


Welcome to STEP BTW::D:

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