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MO says some of my mods aren't installing fully?



SO my MO had the window where it said game data is not on top so i clicked it and put the data as the data directory but then a little window pops up saying that a error has happened and the mod was installed fully and I don't understand why. it works on some of my mods but it won't work on my Apachii hair mod and i don't really understand if i'm doing something wrong or not. please help! post-6353-0-88556700-1424642814_thumb.jpgpost-6353-0-66752500-1424642829_thumb.jpg

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Going from the screenshots you posted that mod, Apachii hair, isn't packaged nicely and when you installed it you probably just hit 'OK' instead of checking it with 'Manual'.

The wiki and the official videos describe in detail this process and I encourage you to check those out.


Notice the name of Apachii Hair in the screenshot is 'greyed out'. This indicates the folder structure is not found in the Data folder and the game engine can't see it. Remove that mod and re-install it and when given the option, choose 'Manual' and then you will need to 'Set Data folder' on the correct folder inside the archive.

As mentioned, this is described in the official documentation. Also all of Gopher's videos show him explaining this method as being the preferred option.

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