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Adding Perkus Maximus to STEP Core install, Patcher won't work


Hey guys. Not sure whether to post this into the mod thread or here.


I've gotten my STEP Core installation running smoothly and added Perkus Maximus, Immersive Weapons & Armor, Frostfall, JaySus Swords - patch version and some other mods on top. The other mods not mentioned to not include items or lists relevant to the issue.


Before creating my bashed patch, and after installing and ordering everything else, I ran the Perkus Maximus patcher and got the dreaded null error. The patcher runs fine naked so it's not an issue with java or the patcher.


I'm not sure how to get it working. I've tried disabling all other mods and only enabling mods with relevant items and lists one after the other but I still get the error. At this point I'm not even sure disabling the mods in Mod Organizer really makes the patcher ignore them. Where does the patcher get its mod info?


Has anyone gotten Perkus Maximus working as intended for a STEP install and or knows how I can get the patcher to run?

EDIT: I've read that I should patch AFTER bash. Did that, still getting the error.
Also, would it help just adding ANY mod that doesn't have items or where the item category and stats don't matter to the blocklist? Or would unpatched leveled lists from those mods still result in a borked PerMa?


Last lines of the patcher log:



[707][ARMO-DEBUG-EB:]  key: EnchWeaponFear06 | values: [sCC_Weapon_Ill_Ench_PhantomStrike06, SCC_Weapon_Des_Ench_Breach06, SCC_Weapon_Alt_Ench_Throw06, SCC_Weapon_Des_Ench_Fratricide06]

[708][EXCEPTION]  java.lang.NullPointerException
at skyproc.Mod.addRecord(Mod.java:356)
at patcher.BookPatcher.runChanges(BookPatcher.java:151)
at patcher.Runner.patch(Runner.java:51)
at skyprocstarter.SkyProcStarter.runChangesToPatch(SkyProcStarter.java:206)
at skyproc.gui.SUMGUI$ProcessingThread.run(SUMGUI.java:952)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
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Yeah, I would run the patcher last after everything - you want to include the bashed patch in it.  Other than that, I don't know... I'm considering using PerMa also, but haven't actually tried to run it yet.


EDIT: I'm tired of doing TES5Edits... even though I could probably get it working right in less than a day I'm just tired of reconfiguring mods and plugin edits and then testing things in-game.  And there are a number of patches needed (and available).  It's easy to do it for things that affect the beginning game, but hard to do for things that affect higher-level play.  Even though this mod looks great and the patcher, for me at least, "seems" to do a great done of taking what's already installed and modifying it for PerMa (as I have noticed by using TES5Edit to review the changes), I'm just not totally sure that everything (all the other mods) installed and integrated is actually going to work as intended within the game, or be horribly unbalanced and some things broken even if they don't cause CTDs.  I'm just not knowledgeable enough to know exactly everything going on.  Maybe I'll come back to this after a few months.

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