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[RLS] Reduce Water Height Conflicts


Okay here is a question for you much more wise people out there! 

It has been annoying me for a long while now... and I guess I should just ask. 


Is there somehow a way to make tes5edit equal the water height values. So that -2147483648.000000  = 0.000 for the intents of conflict resolution. Or does there exist a script that simply just set the value in all .esp .esm (The only case where it was not one of those two it was set as default I think) to either of the two ?


Just so I can finally remove that stupid conflict from my list all together!

Here you go:


Reduce Water Height Conflicts v0.1

This script will copy the winning override's water height value to the processed record if the processed record is not flagged Has Water and yet still defines a water height. In my very limited testing, many of the conflicts were "resolved" this way.

	Purpose: Reduce Water Height Conflicts
	Game: Probably Any
	Author: fireundubh <fireundubh@gmail.com>
	Version: 0.1

unit userscript;

uses mteFunctions;

{Returns true if specific flag is set and false if not}
function IsFlagSet(f: IInterface; i: integer): boolean;
	Result := (GetNativeValue(f) and i > 0);

{Returns integer of flag matching string}
function GetCellFlag(s: string): integer;
	cellFlag: TStringList;
	cellFlag := TStringList.Create;
	cellFlag.DelimitedText := lowercase('"Is Interior Cell=1", "Has Water=2", "Behave like exterior=128"');
	Result := StrToInt(lowercase(cellFlag.Values[s]));

{Processes each record}
function Process(e: IInterface): integer;
	o, f, fo: IInterface;
	{exit if we're not looking at the appropriate record types}
	if (geev(e, 'Record Header\Signature') <> 'CELL') and (geev(e, 'Record Header\Signature') <> 'WRLD') then

	{get winning override object}
	o := WinningOverride(e);

	{exit if there is no override for comparison}
	if not Assigned(o) then

	{exit if records are flagged as deleted}
	if GetIsDeleted(e) or GetIsDeleted(o) then

	{get record flag objects}
	f := ElementByPath(e, 'Record Header\Record Flags');
	fo := ElementByPath(o, 'Record Header\Record Flags');

	{exit if either cell has water because we presumably don't want to screw anything up}
	if IsFlagSet(f, GetCellFlag('Has Water')) or IsFlagSet(fo, GetCellFlag('Has Water')) then

	{copy the overriding cell's water height if the processed cell does not have water but defines a water height anyway}
	if not IsFlagSet(f, GetCellFlag('Has Water')) and Assigned(ElementBySignature(e, 'XCLW')) then
		seev(e, 'XCLW', geev(o, 'XCLW'));

Edited by fireundubh

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