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Mod Organizer Error: Executable "javaw.exe" not found when trying to launch Skyrim


I am having a problem that I have never encountered before, nor have I ever read of anything like this hapening to anyone else. First of all, I updated my Java (but I didn't remove old files, they're still there) while trying to make Patchus Mauximus work for me. Eventually I ran it through SUM along with my Dual sheath Redux mod and it worked fine. I went into my game and noticed that Dual Sheath Redux wasn't working, swords were still at characters sides rather than on thier backs. So I exited the game and opened Mod Organizer. I went to launch Dual Sheath Redux patcher through MO's executables and nothing happened. Nothing. So after trying a few things, I opened the task manager to see what was happening, if anything was happening, and I tried launching DSR again. When I did, javaw.exe would appear in the list of open programs for about a second then disappear again.


So I decided I would just play until I got this figured out. I went to launch SKSE through the executables list and that's whe I get the error:


MO Error: Executable "javaw.exe" not found


So now, not only do my patchers no longer work, but Skyrim itself won't even launch.


I've tried updaing java, removing and reinstalling java, installed developer kit, I tried manually pointing to javaw.exe, but all to no avail. It simply won't recgnize it. Is there anyone out there who has ever had this problem or might know a little more about it than I do? Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

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You say you updated your Java installation. This may mean you will have to update the executables path in your MO exe links.


Before updating Java it may have had a path like:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin\javaw.exe"

After updating Java the path may now be:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre8\bin\javaw.exe"

Note the change in the folder name that points to the version 8 file.


You shouldn't have to make those changes. I have a couple of different versions of Java on my system and the paths don't usually change but it might be something worth checking.


Of course this is all assuming the versions of Java you are updating are NOT 64bit. You are only using 32bit Java?


Also, in the Nexus post (I'm assuming that was you) you stated you tried to run the game with the SKSE option and were presented with a message about a missing java executable. Did you modify those 'Executable' parameters when trying to add the 'Patchus Maximus' exe by mistake?

I ask this because of a peculiarity in MO were after modifying or adding a new executable, the drop-down list reverts to the top option and not the one you just edited. Did you perhaps make changes to the SKSE option as well?

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Thank you so much!!! You fixed my game ;)

Last Update has been too long...

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