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How do you edit an NPC with custom hair, armor (clothes), and eyes (eyes of beauty)?


I tried doing it today in Creation Kit. I made the fix to SkyrimEditor.ini so I could select multiple esp/esm files. I selected the mods I wanted to work from (SG hairs, Eyes of Beauty and some dress mod) but didn't mark any as active because I wanted a new .esm for the whole thing.
I changed Maven's hair, clothing and eyes all from different mods. Put the ESM under all the other masters. It didn't work. She showed up naked in the game. Then I went into Wrye Bash and saw that only one of the masters was showing so I added the other ones (which were all esms). Still didn't work.
So I went back into Wryebash and Esmify'd self and masters. I went into the game and the dress worked when I disabled and re-enabled Maven but the hair and as far as I could tell, the eyes weren't working. How do you do this?

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