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Better Vampires by Brehanin


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Hi guys,


who of you has ever been a vampire in default skyrim? Me? Never. Somehow I rarely got the vampiric disease and if I did, it wouldn't last seconds before I downed a curing potion. All I ever heard of being a vampire in skyrim is that it sucks. So, I'm trying to make my game as addictive as it can get and I'm going to create a character that will complete all the quests, ransack all the dungeons, kill everybody and anything that's somehow in my way of being the most powerful person that one can be in skyrim. Therefore I need to become a vampire, to get the quest to get cured of vampirism. Simple. But I don't want to run to the quest giver asap to get to the end of that quest asafp and leave vampirism behind me asamfp without having enjoyed being a badass bloodsucker.

This mod might help with optimizing my future vampire life by a lot: https://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/9717


Enough storytelling. I'll try to test this mod myself as soon as I can find the time, but that won't be soon unfortunately. What I like about this mod is that it works with vanilla skyrim alone and is dawnguard compatible. This mod enhances gameplay for vampires and is very customizable. This fits STEP pretty well. Since it has a 5 month developping history and is still very supported by the mod author and it covers a part of skyrim no other included mods have touched so far I think it's a great candidate for adding to the mix. Plus it's very compatible at least as far as the author states.

If anybody has the time and will to do some testing they are very welcome. it'll take me a while to finish all the testing I want and do all the playing i want...

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