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[Quest Activation Bug] Forbidden Legend Not Activating



Hey all,


Running into a bit of a bug in regards to book-activated quests.  The one I'm running into the bug with is the Forbidden Legend (Gauldur Amulet) quest - I can't get it to start no matter what I do.  Reading the book, using the console, killing the brothers, etc...nothing seems to start the quest.  It's almost as if the game sees the quest as complete and will not activate it.


My mod setup is STEP:Extended as a base, with a number of extra mods added to it for difficulty, equipment, and texture overhauls.  Therefore, I am using The Choice Is Yours, which adds a script to the books that allows you to choose to keep reading to activate the quest.  I am also using Book Covers of Skyrim, but I use the official BCS TCIY patch and I also made a compatibility patch that forwards the quest activation script from TCIY to the BCS versions of the books.  I know that the patch was working, because the message-box prompt appeared when reading the book.


However, here's where things get a bit weird. Playing a mage character, I went immediately to Winterhold. I then followed the quest line into Saarthal, and killed Jyric.  Yet when I looted him, he didn't have any of his quest items on him!  (p.s. I am also using Skyrim Immersive Creatures/High-Level Enemies/Revenge of the Enemies for more difficult encounters, and in my above compatibility patch, I made sure I forwarded the leveled list "items" into each of the brothers' inventories, so they should have all of their quest items).  The same was true for the other 2 brothers (in Folgunthur and Geirmund's Hall) - no quest items, but they both did have their unique weapons.  Daynas Valen also was missing his items - his journal and the Ivory Claw were both missing from his inventory. The only way I was able to get through Folgunthur was to console in the items to get through the dragon claw doors.


I've posted this issue on the Nexus page for TCIY, but didn't receive any help there. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?  I cannot get the quest to start using any of the possible methods (Daynas' Journals, reading the Lost Legends book or Writs of Sealing, startquest/setstage in the console, nothing.) It's as if the game won't recognize the quest, or has marked it as complete?

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