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ENBs and enblocal.ini (Enboost ini's instructions in STEP Guide)



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I would say follow the guide at first. 

Install all STEP mods&patches as it is supposed to be, as per the warning in the instructions:



These instructions pertain only to ENBoost memory management patch. Please do not install full ENB with STEP! (that can be done later, after configuring STEP:Core)


Make sure it works flawlessly.


Then go to this section:
ENB quickstart

Follow the instructions for ENB, download and install your ENB preset according to its own instructions.

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The memory section will still work but nothing else. If you're installing an ENB preset, as Viper said, follow the instruction on the preset's Nexus page to install it and then you can view the enblocal section of our Guide to get an understanding of all the settings within that file. That is found here: https://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:ENB#tab=Editing_Enblocal_INI

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