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SSR - Skyrim Skills Redesigned by Niklass

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Judging by the description, it's a well thought out and - what's important - modular skills and perks redesign. I'm thinking of using it instead of SkyRe, which is doing my head in with all the patching required (for both plugins and ReProccer). 


As per the author:


I generally tried to stay true to the vanilla balance and design aesthetic but there are a few key points in which my vision differs:


-Skills should matter like in previous TES titles (decreased 5 rank perks and added the bonus to the skills)


-Choices during a fight should matter (no more invincibility as long as you have health potions, drinking up to three potions now plays an animation)


-Optional depth doesn't make a game less accessible (core to my design)


-Consistent balance is important (no more crafting cycle, all skills, spells, perks are viable)

I think I will be using quite a few modules in my next playthrough, combined with some other skill redesigns (thinking of Krypto's here)

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