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Falskaar Wildlife add-on by Dean Corso

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Alright, from 0 mods in the threads ( from my side that is lol ) to 3 in one day, I will stop now, but before this one (perhaps) goes under the radar :)


Falskaar Wildlife add-on



::EDIT by RootsRat::


Please read Mod Suggestions posting guidelines before posting...


This mod adds spawn points for passive animals ad predators throughout the island. It's more of an atmosphere mod as it won't significantly change the gameplay of Falskaar itself.


I've added chickens around farms, mudcrabs and horkers along the coast, predators and preys in the wilderness. You'll also encounter the odd bear lying on the road waiting for the daring adventurer to cross his path.


The mod uses only the vanilla leveled lists so it should be compatible with pretty much anything. I personnally use it with Requiem and skyrim immersive creatures with no problem. On my high-end system there is no performance hits, though for low-end systems it could decrease performance.


The mod has been cleaned using tes5edit. It should be safe to remove as no scripts are involved, the mod only adds spawn points.

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From what I've seen what Falskaar really needs is additional monster/enemy spawns, not necessarily wildlife. But is does seems generally more open and empty than Skyrim. There do seem to be a lot of bears and wolves in Falskaar.

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