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[SOLVED]Mod to make spell impacts emit light?

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Hi everyone! First post here, and I hope I'm not asking this in the wrong section :P


I've very recently installed the whole STEP with the extreme settings. Everything's working like a charm and outcome is amazing!

As I was playing (as a mage), though, a very minor thing has struck my attention: it feelt a bit weird that casting a stream of flames wouldn't light the surrounding areas like a torch would!

So I searched around (google, I SO love you!) and found a nifty (even though outdated and unsupported) mod that fixed this for many spells.

Installed, worked, GREAT! While casting flames, everything is lit and feels awesome! But then my perfectionist eye pondered that it would be even greater if the fires left behind by said flames/spell ALSO gave off light! Imagine streaming flames across the plains, unsheath your weapon and fight in the light of the flames leftovers!

Sadly this time, google failed me, nothing came up and that's why I'm here :P


Long story short: Is there a mod that makes those effects left behind by fire spells also give off light? Or is it impossible to make such a mod due to shadows/lights conflicts?


Thanks in advance to anyone answering this :) Hope you all a happy STEP / Skyrim experience.


PS: I'm talking about fire spells in particular, but I'm sure some other spells as well could use this.


PPS: Some may argue that this would make magelight/candlelight/torches useless, but I would have to argue with that, and alsothat isn't the point of the topic :P

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That's exactly what I was looking for! THANKS!!


Funny thing is I ran across that mod, but I must have very badly misinterpreted it's purpouse...


Disabled the other mod and enabled this. Looks very good :) Too bad boss couldn't recognize it, but I guess I'll keep it at the bottom of the load order for safety :P


Thanks again for the help! Have a nice day ^^!

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