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HiRes Glass Armor and Weapons Retex (by Devalinor)


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Discussion thread:
HiRes Glass Armor and Weapons Retex by Devalinor
Wiki Link: No wiki link available since this mod is no longer in STEP:Core or any STEP pack
I don't understand why this mod with the option "Ice Blue" is in the guide. Considering the guidelines say:


What STEP is about
  • [*]Texture replacements, vanilla friendly and possibly scalable in quality and performance.

What STEP isn't about

  • [*]Texture mods which differ too much from the vanilla feel, even if they're very well done.

Blue glass armor doesn't seem to be lore/vanilla friendly to me. Glass armor/weapons have always been green in TES, and in Skyrim it is made from malachite which is a very green mineral. Also, it is made from moonstone, like elven armor, so why should the texture have a steel color to it rather than the broze-ish elven color?

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