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Funny Skyrim Truths...


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The bounty issue... makes no sense! I am always surprised that Bethesda allowed that system to even be implemented that way. It has been broken all the time.


Get a bounty of 1g and you are public enemy nr. 1.


Guess there should be a mod that makes it so that guards first start to attack you after a higher value, and peasants after another. But not if you walk about in enough armor to make it pointless... should be possible to link the behavior to armor value.

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I've always had this issue; however, mainly with Dawnguard. Vamp shows up in town, all the guards attack, I lend a helping hand, accidentally hit a guard that steps in front of me mid swing, Vamp is dead and I'm public enemy because of the guard I hit during the attack. WTF?


I've gotten to the point that I just ignore the damn Vamps and let the guards have their fun.

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It's especially fun if you're a spell caster since spells in Skyrim never seem to be like lasers, so I can never use them to save the guards. Oh well, at least I can sell the guard's armor after the vamp finishes.


My real favorite is if you get close to a civil war fight where spells are being used. If one of the spells hits a companion you also become public enemy #1 .

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LOL too funny (I know a few older people: cough besides the ones on staff. That are tech savy and like to game) I wish my grandma could be knowledgeable about computer parts. At least I've gotten her to the point where she could *maybe* figure out how to operate a basic Linux setup if I got her started.

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