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AMD & Virtu MVP with RadeonPRO=SMAA/FXAA/SweetFX


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I am creating this thread in hopes to give someone some answers on a board that uses Lucid Logics Virtu MVP with a AMD GPU while using RadeonPRO.This is what I have learned with a board that supports Virtu MVP and with a AMD vid card using Virtu's Virtual VSync. SETUP:


GPU=hdmi to the TV and a DVI from the MBoard to my Monitor.  Virtu's Hyper-performace causes a weird graphical issues and I do not recommend enabling it.Simple Borderless Window is another that is either not worth it for me or Virtu does not like it.I can still Alt-Tab out of game with Steam's overlay enabled just fine.  Though sometimes it fails. But I always have to alt-tab TWICE.Virtu does work with skyrim but it DOES NOT play well with Injectors.  I use RadeonPRO to tweak the settings that CCC leaves out.  It also gives me options on Sweetfx/smaa/fxaa. I CANNOT install the smaa/fxaa to the skyrim folder. Virtu has a fit if I do. (I have not tried ENB but figured the same results)BUT if I use RadeonPRO to handle sweetfx then there is no problem with Virtu or anything. IOW:  extracting sweetfx somewhere else (not the game folder) and pointing to it with RadeonPRO works as it should. So if I hit F1 in game, SweetFX is enabled along with the message at the top left of the screen.Yes the PreSets from SweetFX's site work as they should.The keyboard keys "+"and "-" enable fxaa/smaa in game and they work.  Though I can tell enabling fxaa, smaa Doesn't look like it does anything.  So maybe smaa does not work.



I have googled and found that smaa might have broke for a few games with the new build of RadeonPRO.  At least smaa is having problems with some games with RPRO including skyrim.On another note.  I believe STEP recommends that you do not override AA/AF in RadeonPRO/CCC. I can confirm this.  BUT I can get it to work as long as skyrim's ini equal the same in RadeonPRO.  It doesn't double the process if RPro tries to override.  Nor a performance +/-.  You would think that it would.  I leave it "follow application settings" for both AA/AF.Thats as much as I have learned.

Thank You for your time and Thank You STEP Community

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Everything seems to work better for me if my CCC settings, .ini, and Skyrim game launcher settings all match. With multiple configurations and attempts, I still end up with shimmering/glitching transparency AA and this was NOT a problem on earlier CCC driver versions so I assume it was caused by AMD.


I am using 13.4 currently. Would you recommend updating to a newer BETA or rolling back my drivers? I have RadeonPro but I'm not really sure what the point of using it is right now, since none of its settings seem directly related to my issues.


Also, I don't know anything about SweetFX? Is it optimal to use this over ENB? Using ENB does fix my shadowy shimmer issues but doesn't do much for the other transparency (fences, hair, etc).

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Yes smaa can sometimes become broken in RadeonPro. The way I do it:


- Use FXAA from RadeonPro

- Use ENBoost

- Install SweetFX 1.4 to Skyrim dir. Use the smaa injector (which is the default). Rename d3d9.dll to SweetFX_smaa.dll. Do not overwrite the exisiting d3d9.dll in the Skyrim dir.

- In enblocal.ini apply the following:







You can now use scroll lock to enable/disable smaa in Skyrim. By default it also has Lumasharpen and some other setting on, which looks great tbh.

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I'll try that out Nearox.


@thunderclam its probobly what step recommends: aa/af application default. IOW don't override in CCC/RadeonPRO.

I forgot to mention that SMAA is working for me now. its just hard to see.


I use 13.8beta=CCC


Will still try what thunderclam said and try to proxy the library. I don't think Virtu will like it though. At least it didn't a year ago when I tried.

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