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Better Vampire Fangs (and Eyes)


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It's one of the new hot files on the nexus, but I already took the liberty to test the 'Fangs only' version yesterday.




It looks quite good and I believe that, compared to the current vampire teeth mod in STEP, it's the better choice.


I was also able to reproduce the problems the description states regarding Elven Etherial Overhaul -- it's not in STEP, but still something to note, I think. I was able to fix it by changing the skin color via the Chargen-enhanced showracemenu console command. I didn't test whether the regular skin hue option would do this as well, but it should be simple enough to verify.


The eyes are largely a matter of taste. I didn't test them, as I really really like the regular Dawnguard glowy ones.

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Oh, yes, it didn't occur to me to also check how prone to the EEO error NPCs are, since I only converted the entire Blackbriar family for my sinister testing purposes (I figure few would even notice anything amiss :D ). I'll check that out in the evening.


Though I believe it was noted that a patch for EEO is coming up, so there is that.

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