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mod im looking for

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Not sure if this is the proper forum. Does anyone know of a mod(s) that do the following:


1. allow me to turn on NPC names above the NPCs

2. Allow me to tell have NPC names or the npcs look differently to identify if they are merchants and will buy stuff

3. allow me to identify from afar if they will train me.

4. allow me to tell mobs on my side from hostiles. With some mods (like OBIS) you get raids on towns. so your in big fights with guards on your side. its a real hassle (and often difficult) to keep from hitting mods on your side which causes issues. Id also like a mod that you give me a popup if im hitting a non-hostile, that i can enable and disable in spots.


Another map mod overhaul

I dont like the auto-mapper. all the houses look the same. Nothing differentiates them. It does not handle mult-level areas well. I find it a hassle when im in town to run my mouse over areas to get area names to pop up to find what im looking for. Id also like the ability to add my markers (to say X is here) as well.


any mods like these?

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