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bPreemptivelyUnloadCells=1 tweak

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I've seen it being thrown around on the Nexus forums; supposedly you can add it to skyrim.ini under [General] and it will pop loaded cells out faster than it would otherwise, thereby freeing up more RAM. So instead of keeping that building you just left loaded up after you jump into Markarth, it unloads it straightaway.


In theory, anyway.

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Interesting. Worth trying I guess but how can we accurately measure and test it to produce a valid test case?

Possibly by looking at Skyrim memory use after a transition from an interior cell to an exterior cell under both cases?
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Yes. With skyrim perfmon this should be possible. I don't think this ini line will provide a placebo "cleanmem" effect. More likely it'll not do anything OR actually cause issues between cell transitions, scripts, mods with multiple followers or quest bugs. Still, it would be nice if the setting worked.

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