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Heartwood Cottage


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Seeing Manny and his house mod reminded me to post this. Obviously this wouldn't be for the main S.T.E.P. guide or even Skyrim Revisited I'd imagine but maybe for packs. It has no load doors and is located in the middle of the woods. The interior is fairly simple especially when compared to the majority of house mods and features auto sort chests. There is an outhouse like building behind the main cottage that contains the shrines and mannequins.


The outhouse also features an interesting feature I haven't seen anywhere else and that is an occlusion cube to help decrease the load on your system. Because of the cube the outhouse doesn't have a normal door and instead uses a walkthrough banner as the transition. It also has an interesting way of taking care of the problems faced by many no load door houses; just how am I going to keep all the critters out!


It is on the Nexus: Link

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