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Sounds of Skyrim MCM Menu

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So... I hated the three menu's that came up every time I went to test something on a save that didn't yet have SoS enabled... and I figured if any mod needs an MCM menu, this is it. I just finished writing one :)


Cliffworms has set permissions on the SoS mods to allow modifications\patches as long as he is credited. So I was wondering if anyone was interested in this sort of thing. I haven't given it a good run testing it but it should be stable given how primitive it is. It even allowed the sounds to be disabled without having to reload the cell, now you can hear them fade away after disabling them and closing the menu. A save and reload was recommended in the original mod.


It could be better, but I'd have to be a better scripter, I couldn't figure out how to just put a script on the original quests that just held the variables his sounds look for and then control them from another quest\script. Most other mods use GlobalVariables for that sort of thing.

So for now it is 3 esp's with 3 new menus that override the original mods quest with one that loads the MCM menu instead of popping up the 'Classic' menu.

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I myself find SoS's menu's annoying especially since I can't properly start it with the rest of the mods when I start my test characters. If you can write an MCM menu for it's I'd love to try it. Another mod in need of an MCM menu is Climates of Tamriel.

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I already have it written, just need to tweak it some more. I overrode the original SoS config quests and replace the attached script with my own. My script holds the MCM menu but I don't know what effect that has on existing saves, so I think I will just disable the start enabled flag on the original quests and add my own. I also want to figure out how to change the variables in the original scripts. I hope to have something worth testing in a couple of days.

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Alpha-Beta-Whatever I still don't know what it will do to a game with SoS installed and running. (I know, it's so hard to test but I just keep forgetting :whistling:)


The only way I could set it up was to replace the SoS config scripts with my own. The way SoS is set up, the sounds have conditions to use variables on the scripts. If I make the variables into properties so that I can manipulate them with new scripts, it changes the variables and the sounds no longer work. I'd have to redo the bulk of the mod so this was the best I could come up with. If anyone knows more about this stuff and wants to point out something I missed, I'm open to suggestions :)



1 esp and requires all three SoS esp's to be installed and active,

3 scripts that replace the exists SoS configuration scripts including my source,

and a translation file in English only in case this goes public and people want to translate it :D


SoSConfigMenu.esp can load anywhere after the last SoS mod in your list, I recommend adding it to the bottom of Sounds of Skyrim patches in BOSS:

ADD: SoSConfigMenu.esp
BOTTOM: Sounds of Skyrim patches

Edit: Forgot a readme... coming soon!

Edit2: Now with 100% more readme

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Thanks man. I'll try it out on my next actual game. Currently still trying to ruthlessly crush all resistance out of my install... I mean getting all the little kiddies in the sandbox to play nicely with one another... wait I mean uh well...

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I've had that happen with other mods, but so far, not with this one. The last few SkyUI versions all attempted to correct issues with menus not showing up.


That said, I took another look at it and I can't see anything that would cause one to show and not another, they are all identical in what matters.

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Been using your MCM SoS menu with my latest re-install/new-playthrough of Skyrim for the past couple weeks now.


Works great!  Just what I've always wanted for SoS!  Now I can flip sounds on/off whenever I want, without poking around the console, :)


You should push this over to Nexus or something.  I'm sure a ton of people would love it!



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