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Steam Overlay not working?

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As the title says, for some reason since I started playing Skyrim again quite recently, the steam overlay just refuses to work. It *has* worked once or twice, without me changing anything - but then goes back to not working. Skyrim is the only game with this issue. Could it be related to MO as the modutility of choice? It's highly annoying because steam chat is the only IM me and my friends use. and tabbing out from fullscreen mode is a chore. Windowed mode sadly not a good option due to tearing. :/ Any ideas?

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Tried that earlier today, didn't work. Then I tried uninstalling Steam (which to my surprise also uninstalled all games and removed every subfolder there was - damn I'm happy I moved over to MO as when I used WB for installing I had it all under SteamApps\Common\Skyrim Mods..... ) and it still doesn't work. It works for every game except Skyrim which is why I find it so odd.

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Are you using the SMAA injector? It has a steam overlay bug fix option in the ini that needs to be active.


;set to 1 to improve steam overlay compatibility
weird_steam_hack = 1
Nope, I stick to ENB v119 to be able to use hardware AA as I can't stand the shimmering I get without SSAA. Should've mentioned this as you're right to bring it up. :)
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Yeah it's enabled for Skyrim and in general for all games (and does work for all other games), and nope no SweetFX either. :/ For a while I was thinking RadeonPro might be the culprit, then remembered I have radeonpro profiles for pretty much every other game as well and overlay still work for them.


Just tried launching Skyrim via Steam, ie vanilla-Skyrim as I use Mod Organizer so nothing is installed in steams Skyrim-folder, and that way the overlay works. But not when launching skse via MO

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