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While I'm trying to find some free time to benchmark a few other mods, I stumbled into that single Skyrim.ini line. It doesn't seem to be very well known, although its effects are pretty neat.



bDisableGearedUp=0 (default : 1 )

What this does is essentially display more than just your equipped weapon on your character : with this you can have up to

- 2x 1-handed weapon ( there are restrictions though ),

- 1x bow,

- 1x 2handed weapon,

- 1x dagger,

displayed at the same time.



In a nutshell, you have to favorite the weapons you want to show up. Dual-wielded weapons are a bit unpredictible : it is said you have to equip two weapons of a different category ( sword/axe ) for them to show up correctly on both side, however it didn't work for me with vanilla daedric axe + sword. Worked with daedric axe + Dawnbringer, so go figure!

It is possible that Dual Sheath Redux or any mod that put the shield on the back when "sheathed" could also enable the shield to be permanently visible even when wielding a two handed weapon or a bow. I'm not sure yet. [edit : it indeed work with DSR ]

Last, there is a bug where the previously equipped weapon won't disappear from the hand when switching weapons without sheathing first. This may or may not be an immersion-breaker depending on the playstyle.


All in one, the feature was probably de-activated and hidden because it wasn't 100% working ; however it looks badass, lore-friendly, and doesn't require another mod. Mods like "Armed to the Teeth" on the other may very well get it right and bug free, but I for one do no feel the need to risk another mod dirtying my saves to get virtually the same result. ( ATTT however can display a lot more weapons ... )


Sorry it this was either very well known but dismissed from STEP, or an integrated feature in either of the DLC. I'm still playing Vanilla, so please bear with me :)

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I knew this for quite some time, but there are issues with this (as you have already stated). Also there is loads of clipping when having 2-handed weapons and bows equipped at the same time, but there is no easy fix for that (DSR has it too(see 2 staves equipped), and any other mod attempting the same as well). Clipping is just a big part of Skyrim... xD

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