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Follower Overhauls

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I would like to inquire on your preferences on the follower overhauls such as UFO, AFT or BF, and more specilized mods such as Specialized Followers - from the perspective of STEP (both mods and philosophy).


There are some good discussions in the review and suggestions area, but they are rather old and don't truely compare the mods against each other. I'm mainly interested in the stability, lightness and immersion of the mod, in addition to compatibility with other mods.


With this in mind, what are your experiences with the follower overhaul mods, and what would you recommend?





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I've been using Multiple Followers Lite https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=87578317 for quite a while now, and I've never experienced a single issue with it. It's worked flawlessly for me alongside Convenient Horses, Better Stealth AI for Followers, Followers Can Relax, and several other follower-altering mods.


I don't know whether you would call it an overhaul, though. It doesn't have all the features of UFO, EFF or AFT. However, it fits into STEP's philosophy of minimal vanilla change better than any of the others. It stays very true to vanilla (the only issue I have with the mod is the author changed the "follow me" dialogue...though this is a quick and easy fix in the CK), seems to be very stable, and addresses the issue without becoming overly complicated or adding a bunch of needless features.


It's the only multiple follower mod I've found that actually increases immersion rather than breaking it. It feels like a natural part of the game. I rarely have more than one or two followers, but the strict "only 1 follower" rule from the vanilla game really broke immersion for me. If I want to pay someone 500 gold to tag along with me, why would they protest just because there are other hands to help share the labor? Or worse, why would my housecarl refuse to protect me just because I want to have my spouse accompany me? Therefore, I consider having some sort of multi-follower mod essential for immersion. However, having a mod where I can command my follower around like a robot and adjust every single aspect of their fighting style, skills, and personality just doesn't seem very realistic to me. I don't want or need a million dialogue options to micro manage my followers, so Multiple Followers Lite is pretty much exactly what I was looking for in a follower mod.


You might also find this thread helpful: https://forum.step-project.com/showthread.php?tid=1520

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I myself have used AFT (amazing follower tweaks) and UFO. Personally I have no qualms with either of them. AFT seems to give you a few more options and a bit more diversity than UFO, but on the other hand in an immersion sense I would have to go with UFO. I never used either to have "more" followers exactly. For me it was more the idea of actually having control of my follower. Vanilla gives you very little. Yet IMO if you are to hire a mercenary you should have near complete control over how that person fights, what he or she does or doesn't do etc. And both of them mods did just that.

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