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Don't Push Me Around (by tarlazo)


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Don't Push Me Around by tarlazo
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I'm walkin' here NG is great at what it does, but it doesn't work very well when the player is in a conversation with an NPC, or it can break immersion when other NPCs walk "through" the player character while in conversation because collision is disabled. I suppose this might be even more noticeable and troubling when playing in 3rd person, which I'm not.

This mod corrects that shortcoming. It's a tiny Papyrus script and a tiny ESL plugin. The script runs only when the dialogue menu opens or closes. When it opens, it creates a collision sphere around the player, so that other NPCs will neither bump into the player, nor pass "through" the player, instead they'll just walk around and avoid the player. When the menu closes, the script removes the collision sphere.

Immersion++ Annoyance--


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