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Magic Skills Progressing Slowly

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I carefully followed the STEP guide and am enjoying a stable playthrough - I'm about 70 hours in; my character is level 60 or so. However, I've noticed that Alteration, Conjuration, and Destruction (especially Destruction) seem to take AGES to level up. Has anyone else noticed an issue with this? Or am I just imagining things? I use Destruction as one of my primary combat methods, but it's still sitting at 36, whereas Archery and Two-Handed are in the 60s.

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As I don't know how vanilla works in the first place I can't really say if it is slower, but I can confirm it sure does feel so.

I used Conjuration for Bound Weapons (One Hand Sword) and I leveled up One Handed to 70 in no time, while Conjuration was still stuck around 30~40.
I just recently after about 120h got my Alteration to 100 though constantly using spells from it even when out of combat.
The same is true for smithing by the way: where Alchemy and Enchanting were fairly easy to level up; I am still stuck on level 50 for smithing. 

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The vanilla game makes it too easy to level smithing just by crafting ingots from ore and other items or by crafting hide into leather. The recommended Complete Crafting Overhaul settings in the guide removes the experience gained from at the smelter and tanning rack so experience is limited to activities at the armor workbench, grindstone and forge. You can also use CCO's MCM settings to adjust the experience gained to change the leveling speed if desired. If you enable skill increases at the smelter, you'll gain one level for roughly ever 5 or 10 ingots created. The argument here is that you aren't really learning anything about crafting weapons or armor by smelting items into ingots.

We added Enemy Revolution of Skyrim, Odin - Skyrim Magic Overhaul and Vokrii - Minimalistic Perks of Skyrim to the guide but I don't see remember anything about these affecting the magic leveling rate.

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FIZZLE could be at play here as well. I believe you must successfully cast to gain XP

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On 3/31/2022 at 2:19 AM, z929669 said:

FIZZLE could be at play here as well. I believe you must successfully cast to gain XP

Oh yea, I was so confused as I had forgotten about FIZZLE when my spells wouldn't go off all of a sudden anymore randomly... :D

But yes, I get the idea behind CCO and for magic it might just come down to that even with odin it is still a little underpowered in comparison to weapons. I think for instance Destruction levels with damage output, and quite frankly I do much more damage with weapons (even bound ones) than with magic (though bound weapons level the weapon skills, not conjuration). 

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