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Auto Use Soulgems (by neogulcity)


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Auto Use Soulgems by neogulcity
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This keeps the mechanic but auto-loads the gems when they run out instead of having to remember to do it yourself. Not sure if it's Step material because one could argue it's more realistic to have to manually load your soulgems (preplan or during combat). In either case, I find the reloading annoying and I'm sure other do too.

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I see no issue with having soul gems automatically recharge weapons in TES games given that Fallout has auto-reloading weapons. The caveat is that Fallout uses a reloading animation so the player must wait for the animation to complete before proceeding with the next shot. I think this mechanic isn't really applicable here because the game is paused while the player is in the menu recharging the weapons anyway.

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