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Is this behavior of the in-game brightness expected?

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Not too long ago I modded my game after following the current STEP guide for SSE. After that, over time I added a few more mods not included in the guide and one of the ENB presets suggested in the guide for Cathedral Weathers, namely A Cathedralist's ENB. I downloaded and installed the high-quality main file from here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/25296?tab=files . I have been playing the game during weeks without game-breaking issues and the ENB has been working fine.

Very recently, however, I have noticed that the brightness output level in-game has suddenly shrunk. I have started to see things darker while I am playing. I play in exclusive fullscreen mode. However, any changes in the in-game brightness slider do nothing while I am playing. But if I quit to the main menu, there the previously adjusted brightness level is apparent. In other words, any changes made to the in-game brightness only reflect themselves while in the main menu, not while I am playing. Is that normal? Does it happen because I have installed ENB 0.462 and the aforementioned preset? Of course, I can always adjust the brightness levels in the in-game ENB menus. But it puzzles me that any changes made to the vanilla brightness slider only are apparent once I quit to the main menu of the game.

Thank you for reading me.

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Try using Shift + F12 to toggle ENB off/on in game. I think Shift + Enter allows you to set values. This all may help you to determine if ENB is causing this and settings that may be impacting (see the main settings up front with the checkboxes a sa first measure).

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Hey, z929669. I knew how to enter the ENB configuration in game (Shift + Enter), but I did not know that I could toggle the whole thing on and off. For your information, effectively, after toggling the ENB off, the game's brightness controls have started to work normally again in my game. So it is the ENB that is somehow interfering with the game brightness. Thank you very much for your help.

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