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  1. Hey, z929669. I knew how to enter the ENB configuration in game (Shift + Enter), but I did not know that I could toggle the whole thing on and off. For your information, effectively, after toggling the ENB off, the game's brightness controls have started to work normally again in my game. So it is the ENB that is somehow interfering with the game brightness. Thank you very much for your help.
  2. Hello, Not too long ago I modded my game after following the current STEP guide for SSE. After that, over time I added a few more mods not included in the guide and one of the ENB presets suggested in the guide for Cathedral Weathers, namely A Cathedralist's ENB. I downloaded and installed the high-quality main file from here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/25296?tab=files . I have been playing the game during weeks without game-breaking issues and the ENB has been working fine. Very recently, however, I have noticed that the brightness output level in-game has suddenly shrunk. I have started to see things darker while I am playing. I play in exclusive fullscreen mode. However, any changes in the in-game brightness slider do nothing while I am playing. But if I quit to the main menu, there the previously adjusted brightness level is apparent. In other words, any changes made to the in-game brightness only reflect themselves while in the main menu, not while I am playing. Is that normal? Does it happen because I have installed ENB 0.462 and the aforementioned preset? Of course, I can always adjust the brightness levels in the in-game ENB menus. But it puzzles me that any changes made to the vanilla brightness slider only are apparent once I quit to the main menu of the game. Thank you for reading me.
  3. OK. I will uninstall EVT and Indistinguishable Billboards for Skyrim SE and then will install the recommended version of EVT. After that I will make Dyndolod generate a new batch. I hope it does not matter that I have already started a new game with several saves. Thank you! Hmm... Now that I think, EVT installed version has a plugin, so I'd better delete my saves and start a new game instead.
  4. Hello, I have started playing the modded game after completing the guide. After a few hours of gameplay time, I have not encountered any issues yet. I just wanted to say thank you for creating and publishing such a comprenhensive guide to mod the game and enhance the experience of playing it. This has been my very first time with Mod Organizer as my mod manager and this guide has also helped me to get more familiar with this advanced mod manager. In my previous experiences modding the game, the last of which was two years ago, I had used Wrye Bash. One issue I have encountered towards the end of the guide is that in my experience Dyndolod returned this error at first: "Can not find tree LOD billboards required to create tree LOD. See log or FAQ for more details". Maybe I am wrong, but I think the issue may have to do with the guide linking to Dyndolod 2.96. I read that Texgen only generates tree lod billboards starting from its v3. I am not sure the issue I had was caused by that, but I think it is worth mentioning for you to know. Downloading Indistinguishable Billboards for Skyrim SE and merging this mod with the output of Texgen allowed me to generate the Dynamic Distant Objects LOD. Once again, thank you very much for this awesome guide.
  5. OK. I can confirm now that after uninstalling Helgen Reborn the problem I had been experiencing was no more. The mod description on the Nexus warned that initiating a new game with this mod installed and activated would lead to the aforementioned issue. So, again, it's been my fault for not having read its description throughout before downloading it. So you can say it's solved now. :) Regards.
  6. OK. Thank you for the advice. I'll very probably end up using MO. It's just that I don't feel like starting with a new tool to mod the game right now. All that I want now, after days of modding the game to meet the STEP core guideline, is just playing my recently modded game if possible. BTW, I've just discovered that my problem may have to do with Helgen reborn, which I'm using, according to the author of this other video. So, perhaps I'll try that way first.
  7. Hello GrantSP, Thank you. I'm gonna install an alternate beginning mod and see what happens. For now, I'd prefer not to try MO. BTW, this video from Youtube that I've just found reproduces exactly the same issue I've experienced. It's hilarious. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOhzkLd2t9M
  8. Hello from Spain, Please, forgive my bad English. I'll try my best to explain what's wrong with my modded Skyrim. I've been following the STEP 2.2.9 guide for the last few days. It's been a lot of time following the guide to meet all its requirements to achieve a fully functional STEP core installation. I've installed all of the STEP core mods, including the STEP core patch, which was the only plugin that had an orange checkbox in Wrye Bash, instead of a green one, by the way. I have installed some other mods of my like and Seasons of Skyrim ENB as well. Seriously, I've followed the guide to the core, but for two aspects: neither have I tested the game from time to time in order to check that the newly added mods worked as expected (big mistake, I know), nor have I used Mod Organizer (I have never tried it). I use Wrye Bash for installing and uninstalling mods. Well, after creating the pertinent meta rules for LOOT, activating the plugins in Bash and rebuilding the bashed patch as indicated in the guide, I ran the game from the SKSE loader executable. Everything seemed OK. So I clicked on a New game. A few messages of MCM mods initiating appeared short after. And then... Well, I've attached a few screenshots that I hope will help you understand better the situation I came across. By the way, I've tried restarting the game twice just in case, but every time the same problem has been there waiting for me, so no luck. As you can see, my character is not on the cart at the start of the game, but besides it, on the road. The screenshots show what my character sees in front of him, to his left, to his right and behind him. My character cannot move, which I guess it's OK, since it's supposed to be captive and unable to move in its way to be beheaded. The animations seem to be working, at least partly (the horse in the middle screenshot is moving its legs, but it won't move a single step). The beautiful music sounds and I can hear them speak the dialogues of the initial scene though. My active mod files as listed in Wrye Bash: Active Mod Files: P. S. I haven't been able to attach the last screenshot to this post. So I'll post it below. Thank you for your time and any help you can offer. Sorry, I cannot attach the last screenshot. It says it's too big to upload. I will upload it somewhere else. Here it is (I hope). Click on it to see it larger.
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