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DXVK (Vulkan Support for D3D9 - D3D11 games)

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I just came upon this project. It claims to provide Vulkan support for older titles, New Vegas included which is quite interesting, seeing how Win 10 support for those older titles (especially D3D9 ones) has left much to be desired. And while I don't know much about Vulkan myself, I still remember (fondly) how my old AMD RX 460 4 GB was easily achieving 60 FPS on Doom thanks to Vulkan (go Team Red)!

Basically, consider this a shout-out. I haven't used DXVK yet and I don't plan to use it in conjunction with New Vegas for the time being - but someone might be interested in it. It also supports the older Witcher titles, I know they have their followers on these forums.

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