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ENB Process After STEP


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I am aware that STEP doesn't support any specific ENB's, though a few that should work are listed. After we follow the instructions from the ENB. Would we need to redo Occlusion, DynDOLOD, xLODGen, or TexGen? I know we would need to sort with LOOT. But I am not sure what things would affect those final compilations and what wouldn't?

I would like to use Rudy ENB if I can figure out how to add it but I gather I will be mostly on my own beyond this question!


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The 2.0.0 guide is not released and not supported at this time if you were following that. If you are just asking for the 1.0.0 guide, ENB should have noting to do with LOD unless you installed ENB mod options that impact object LOD. Probably not, so just add whatever ENB you like.

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