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  1. Sorry I just now saw this, there were a few mods I needed to change for proper compatibility, but if you start, knowing you what you will be adding, then just look for those changes to the installers. According to my notes, Embers HD needed something, I think for campfire. there were also additional patches form useless patches, and there is a patch for CACO. I also needed to add some mods to fix issues with frostfall. Be aware frostfall SKYUI if broken as hell and I couldn't find a fix, but the affects still work. I don't know about cloaks. There is a papyrus issue and I had to move campfire way high in my load order, its at position like 6. Just look for what over rides what and ensure that's right. In this case you need papyrus to over ride campfire so campfire must go first. Also wearable lanterns took I think two patches on nexus to work. maybe it was just one but I found them easily enough
  2. I am aware that STEP doesn't support any specific ENB's, though a few that should work are listed. After we follow the instructions from the ENB. Would we need to redo Occlusion, DynDOLOD, xLODGen, or TexGen? I know we would need to sort with LOOT. But I am not sure what things would affect those final compilations and what wouldn't? I would like to use Rudy ENB if I can figure out how to add it but I gather I will be mostly on my own beyond this question! Thanks
  3. I dont know how to mark this as the answer but you were right. Campfire was loaded After Papayrus and it over writes that dll. I moved campfire above it and it runs like a dream. Now I can move on to step 6 and 7!
  4. I get a pop-up when I launch the new game. "DynDOLOD requires Papayrus util". It is installed, but it isnt recognized Then once I get in the game I get an error along the top that says dynlod cannot find Tamriel in worlds. I have it in the sse terrain (Temp) file as instructed but the guide but it says to disable it. Now there isn't another esp in xlodgen output. then right after that it tells me that I need a master file for dynlod. I followed the guide to a T. I did add a few extra mods but ones that should be compatible. I have sorted with loot without issues. SSELODGen_log DynDOLOD_SSE_log Modlist Plugins Not sure if you need any other logs. This was all I could find. I am nearly done bothering yall here. It has been a week in the making but I am sooo close. Thank you all for all your help. I cant wait to play!
  5. Ah yes that must be it, thanks, Ill go ahead with step 5 and hope for the best!
  6. I installed all the mods, but then went back and redid my STEP process in a new instance to test some stuff out. I have one for testing, one for pure STEP. And one with the mods I want. I ran into this texture issue in Riften while testing so I went back to my custom stable build and had it still. So I checked the straight up STEP instance and its identical on each one. I have not moved on to step 5 in the guide yet so I am not sure if that will fix it or not but I dont want to have to back pedal even more. What could be causing this and how should I fix it? Or do I just do step 5 and that will fix it?
  7. There is a campfire patch for the crafting overhaul and embers HD also has a patch for it. Then in the last steps there are patches such as the useless patches. There is a one for campfire there and there is one in kryptos. There is also a patch for an issue with wearable lanterns. Another great Chesko mod. I have been messing with this alot over the weekend. I started over from scratch and checked each mod for mentions. Nothing mentions Frostfall. I also found a few other mods I love that I can use and I have been testing them. Finally going to start step 5 now and then I can finally insure stability and start playing. Thanks for your help!
  8. Is there anyway of knowing what all mods need to be reinstalled with the proper settings or the patches needed? Sorry, but with nearly 300 mods I am not sure which may need reconfiguring.
  9. I know these mods are not part of step but I am wondering if they are compatible and if anyone has any advice for how to install them or when in the order of installing them I should. They seem to be very compatible but I was wondering if anyone else running STEP also had them all working correctly? I know they have been included in the past but I am unsure how to test them. Thanks a bunch!
  10. Do we have to have this mod to continue the guide? or can we skip it?
  11. I see the banner that says Nexus has removed some mods. It is stating as if we are supposed to know about what drama there is. I am not clear on why mods are being taken down now all of a sudden and how that affects things but this mod is one of them. I just want to know if I can skip it or not, or if I need to wait for a solution. I am fine going elsewhere for the mod if needed, or I skipping it but will that affect installing it at a later date? Like if I skip it now can I add it in in a month when its available gain or would that break my set-up? Just looking for some direction, thank you so much! -Z
  12. I am working my way through the latest version of STEP one mod at a time but This one mod is giving me issues. I tried re-dowloading the Mod from Nexus but it still gives the error. I am worried about continuing with my modding as I don't want to have issues. My previous experiences I have ended up with some very problematic glitches due to what I am sure is user error. What should I do about this one? Thanks for the help in advance! -Z
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