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  1. Yeah, same here. First time I've followed this guide back in 2017 my game was perfect, but real life matters lead me to uninstall it. I hope you come back someday. Cheers!
  2. @Gernash Yep, I'm using the whole Modern Weapons plugin. All settlers spawn with weapon+right ammo+ wrong ammo (equipped).
  3. @Gernash Nice, now I don't feel like I am missing stuff. @TDarkShow reminded me about the ammo stuff. I can't craft some calibers, most of them(if not all) are the ones with no icons. Settlers always spawn with one weapon and 2 types of ammo. I need to remove the "wrong" one, which is always equipped by default, otherwise they will just pew pew and run around without actually shooting mobs.
  4. I have played about 30 hours by now, and I'm glad I revised my install before jumping on Survival. The crafting redirect patch is a must have. It not only organized menus, but also made available a lot of stuff which for some reason was hidden before. Now my only question is about the color swap mods on Armor Workbench. No matter the armor I try to mod, there are no colors available, only the "No Color Swap" option. I am missing the Eli's Armor Compendium. Is this the reason I can't swap colors? I can't think of anything else. Backpack colors and PA paintjobs works fine tho.
  5. A little late, but when I went to Olivia, the very same occurred. Raiders got the gun after Ack Ack died. I assumed this is the way AI works these days? I also got some weird explosions here and there on Normal. This is not happening on Survival tho. On a side note, Radrose-VIS seems to override AWCKR and break the ability of crafting the Ammunition Bench. I had to override it again in my personal patch in order to fix it.
  6. I don't remeber why, but I am running my game with bFullScreen=0 and bBorderless=1. The only thing I know is that I had issues with FullScreen=1.
  7. @Gernash No dude, you misunderstood me, and I think I did as well before, idk. What I meant is my english skills are not that good, sometimes I can't write things the way it should be. I would never be so harsh, even if your grammar was bad(which I certainly wouldn't notice) I would never jump in anyone over the web, no matter what. I hope we are good from now on, my apologies.
  8. @Gernash Crappy english, don't take me wrong mate. YOU are awesome, you know that.
  9. To play around FO4Edit was really cool, I could even get rid of some useless esp, and could understand better the load order and patches. Now I have a question: Is there a way to get a GMST list via console or external tools? I ask because I found only one reference for the following settings over the web, which I'm using in my personal patch: fSurvivalCompassLocationMaxDist fSurvivalPerceptionCompassBase fSurvivalPerceptionCompassMult These are not in the Fallout4.esm, neither in the "Complete GMST List" I've found on Reddit. I had to wipe my 3rd trial at a Survival Save mod, since it didn't worked again. I thought maybe there could be some GMST for saving, and it would solve everything with ease. Sorry for the offtopic, but since this guide and its forum thread got me to learn a lot of stuff I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.
  10. No, NAC was fine, you removed the Gunners thing and some other stuff which I can't remember. But you said you couldn't help with Tales of Commonwealth, so I removed it myself. No issues so far, but I guess you had reasons for not touching it. This is why I asked about cleaning this new patch myself. I managed to create and test an esp. It has the Arbitration recommended dmg values. Enemies and locations can be seen on compass, but I've drastically reduced the distance for locations, since I couldn't find a way to show already discovered places only. It works on Survival only, I will attach it here in case someone wants this changes. No conflicts, it contains just GMST's. Survival Dmg_Compass.zip
  11. I guess this is the perfect time for me to learn about modding and esps. I can't trust my changes on Survival Options. In my understanding, the value check for 5.00 dmg mult is always returning false on the holotape. Guess I will read a bit and maybe I even become able to do some other useful stuff. Thanks for the patch. Should I stick with the one you provided outside Nexus(cleaned masters), or can I clean the new one myself?
  12. The maximum incoming damage multiplier on Survival Options is 3.00. I've assumed it uses the same math as Arbitration and edited to 5.00 on FO4Edit. This is my 1st solo edit btw. The values and terminal entries are ok, but I'm not really sure about how to confirm the effect ingame.
  13. I was using the Core version of WE-VIS patch by mistake, so I'm starting a new game because the WE weapons and some armors had no icons, even after changing to the correct esp. I've also added a Survival Save Enabler mid-game, but it does quicksaves only, so I will use Survival Options instead. Turning off PRC Lens really helped with lighting. I loaded ELFX before NAC/NAI, tested on clean saves, but the results are weird, it seems to remove some shadows in places, turning the ambient too bright and artificial, so I'm passing this one. I forgot to copy the asi loader dll from Shadow Boost in my previous playthrough, so it was just placebo. Game was already running perfectly without it, so I hope it improves even more now. One thing is bugging me tho. Whenever I set the ingame options for General Subtitles=On and HUD color=White, it always revert back to default values after I quit the game.
  14. @Gernash Thank you. I don't use to, and it was not intended, but this I've skipped some reading, my bad again. After adjusting the ui color to white (like you wrote in the guide) I can see the icon colors. About the xp, I get none while building/cooking, just when crafting armor/weapons. Not sure if I get some on Chem Station tho. Tbh, I'm using the clean version of the Core patch that you kindly uploaded on Dropbox last week or so. I have no internet connection atm, so I thought it would be better to stick with my current modlist without updating stuff, since it is working fine. The only thing I've updated was NAC, and today I've got the Enb patch from PRC page, which I didn't noticed before. Not related to your guide at all, but the blocky/pixelated shadows are still there after PCR patch. I play on 1st person only, but it breaks any character screenshot attempt. It only gets better if my character is looking to the sun, otherwise there are weird pixels in the eyes and nose whenever the face gets some shadow. Also, my game froze 3 times after installing it. Need to play more to confirm, but I got no freezing before activating this patch.
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