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ENB + OD Question



Good Evening everyone, So i've been playing for quite a while without ENB but now i've decided to try it out and see how it goes but i've a few questions and i hope someone would be able to help.
1. Do i need to Run LOD after installing ENB?
2. Do i need to re-enable (TEMP) - SSE Terrain - Tamriel - xLODGen and (TEMP) - Cathedral Landscapes  before running DynDoLOD for the second time?

3. Do i need to run all the LOD generators or just DynDoLOD

sorry for my noob questions and thanks in advance.


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Generally, you do not need to regenerate LOD after installing an ENB preset. Most of these just install the configuration and postprocessing files into the Skyrim Special Edition folder and do not change the LOD at all.

The one exception is if the ENB preset requires installing other mods that may alter the generated LOD, although I generally stay away from ENB presets with a long list of requirements.

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