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lStewieAl's Tweaks

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lStewieAl's Tweaks by lStewieAl

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It is highly recommended to read the ReadMe. the mod offers over 200 tweaks and bugfixes, all fully optional and toggleable through the INI.


Mods replaced by this mod* (i.e. users no longer need to download the listed mods from Nexus, they are included in this file) and how to activate them:

  • Automatic weapons fix (bSpinWeaponsSoundFix = 1; bAutoWeaponNoFiringDelay = 1)
  • All savegame managers (Better Saves, Simple Saves, CASM with MCM, etc.) - bImprovedAutoSave = 1 and then tweak the options under [Save Manager]
  • Weapon mod menu - bUnequipWeaponMods = 1
  • All mods that modify XP gain rate and/starting stats, skillpoints, perks (like Perk Every Level, Level cap Increaser, Balanced Skill Points, etc.) -
    • bModifySkillPointsEarned = 1 and the settings under [Skill Points];
    • bCustomSpecialPoints = 1 and settings under [SPECIAL Points]; 
    • iPerksPerLevel = <custom number>;
    • iMaxCharacterLevel =<custom number> (can be set up to 100)
    • bReduceXP = 1 and tweak the percentage under [Reduced XP]
  • Tutorial killer - bDisableTutorialMessages = 1
  • Inentory search/Quicksearch - bMenuSearch = 1 (the function is activated through Ctrl+f)
  • Self-carrying Power Armor, similar mods that make worn power armor weightless -  bWeightlessWornPowerArmor = 1
  • Zooming Scope - bAdjustableScopeZoom = 1
  • Just Hold Breath - bScopeHoldBreath = 1
  • Enhanced Camera Ground Sink Fix- bFixEnhancedCameraGroundSinkBug = 1

Other cool features

  • toggle scope nightvision bAddNightVisionToggle = 1
  • stop the player's automatic reloading when the clip is emptied bManualReload = 1
  • Further optimize game performance -bInlineVanillaFunctions =1
  • better controller support
  • allow NPCs to perform stealth criticals on the player
  • various UI tweaks
  • and so much more...

*The list does not pretend for completeness, I've only listed the most popular ones (the ones I know).

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