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DynDOLOD ESM Load Order


I generated DynDOLOD LODs again just recently and cant figure out if the DYNDOLOD.esm should be placed in the end of the load order or should I let LOOT sort the esm to the top of the load order?

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See https://dyndolod.info/Help/Load-Overwrite-Orders


Load/Overwrite Orders
Generated DynDOLOD.esm and DynDOLOD.esp can be sorted by LOOT or manually. Typically DynDOLOD.esm should be the last ESM (and after the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch even if it is not a master in DynDOLOD.esm) and DynDOLOD.esp the last ESP for the entire load order.
The DynDOLOD.esm contains only overwrites/data from other ESM files, including master flagged ESP/ESL. The DynDOLOD.esp overwrites/contains data from the entire load order.

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    • By Sarcasm
      Simple and infuriating problem. When I switch to a different profile and launch any executable with that profile, be it the GECK, FNVEdit, or the game itself, the load order on my main profile is scrambled. Esm's are jumbled around and moved to the bottom of the esm portion of the load order and some esp's are moved to the top of the esp portion of the load order.
      Obviously this is a huge problem that will cause instability within saves if the load order keeps changing. How do I stop this from happening?
    • By NikiRandom
      I was wondering about overwrite mods in general, eg output from SKSE, FNIS, Bodyslide etc.

      Where is the best place for the overwrites, in the sense of load order? Should they be placed with the mods that generate them, or just after any mods that they might effect, or should they go right at the bottom where the original overwrite entry is?  I read somewhere about "dynamic" mods needing to go at the bottom, and I'm thinking that overwrites probably qualify as dynamic.

      I've experimented with all of these and it often seems to make little or no difference, but when I've installed a few dozen mods and CTDs start rearing their heads then I start thinking about what various contributing factors there might be.

      I've also experimented with the "Create Files in Mod instead of Overwrite" option. Particularly with FNIS which seems happier that way. Without this option ticked I have to run FNIS twice every time I use it, otherwise it says "ERROR(53): Could not find file 'temporary_logs\Skeleton.xml'."  It's like FNIS doesn't know where to look for the xml. Am I doing the correct thing here or is there a better solution?

      On a vaguely related topic too ... when SKSE has overwrite data, is it best that it all goes into the same overwrite mod or would it be better to create a different overwrite for each mod that creates the SKSE data? So far I've only done the former and it seems to work ok, but again when I start getting CTDs then I wonder about anything that might be contributing in any way.

      Thanks, and sorry if these are daft questions.
    • By Bachvarov

      I have a serious issue where some of the items and NPCs have missing meshes apparently and I'm not sure how to figure out where the problem is! I found the problem first on Sunny and her dog, since I could see Doc and the other NPCs outside of the Saloon.

      EDIT: Fixed Sunny and her dog, by moving the Redesigned ESP after FCO, but now the Geckos still have missing meshes and the sound from weapons disappears after i shoot once! I think it might be a too many mods issue? I have 138, but i'll try to push em down to below 135 and see if it fixes it!

      EDIT 2: Putting the load order at 133 seem to have fixed everything!
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