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Hello. I’m trying out mods for the first time and STEP looks like a very solid resource for starting a solid mod list. I’ve started following the guide, but I have a few questions about STEP that I’m hoping someone can answer.


I notice on the wiki home page there is a STEP mod anthology section that lists hundreds of mods, some labeled core, some not. A lot of these mods do not appear in the STEP guide, and the guide has mods that are both core and not core. So my questions are as follows:


1: What exactly is the anthology and how does it relate to the guide?

2: How were the mods in the guide chosen?

3: What does it mean for a mod to be “core†or not?


Thank you in advance!

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Assuming you are referring to the SE Guide since you're posting here:

1: Anthology is just a collection of mods that have ever been within the STEP Guide, both LE mods and SE mods have their own. On the wiki they are together until we redevelop it.

2: Mods are chosen based on the STEP Mandate.
3: The "Core" terminology has been recycled for our new direction. In the past, installing Core or Extended mods meant installing the mods for only the mods marked "Core", or installing all the mods; "Extended". Users only installing the Core mods could do so as it was mainly bugfixes and texture replacements. Most "gameplay" type mods where excluded from a "Core" installation. However, the term has been recycled and will be used for our "Core Builds" in the future (these have not been developed yet). Now the Guides are meant to be install as a whole, meaning all mods are installed from the Guide and nothing is skipped.

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Thanks for the response! That all makes sense now. So how flexible is the STEP build for customization?


I am planning to follow the guide exactly, make sure it works, and save it as a profile. Then I’d like to create a new profile where I can add and change some things. Will I be fine as long as I keep the “green†required mods and make sure everything I add or change is compatible and properly patched? There is a lot of stuff I want to add that isn’t in the guide (like Legacy of the Dragonborn and Quality Map), and a handful of things I want to switch out (Font Overhaul for Sovngarde, for example). Is customization of the STEP build discouraged? If not, is there anything unique to STEP that I need to keep in mind when adding/changing things?

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It's quite compatible with downstream customization with a few caveats as mentioned in the guide. If you follow it and read everything, it will give you direction.

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