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Mod Organizer 2 Error with Realistic Water Two





So I've got a strange problem. I was modding Skyrim SE in Nexus Mod Manager and Realistic Water Two Watercolor.esp worked fine, I could see the teal water color.


I made the decision to switch to Mod Organizer 2 and did a fresh game install and started re-installing my mods. When I install Realistic Water Two and before activating it, there is an error saying "plugin Realistic Water Two .esp not found" as well as "plugin Realistic Water Two - Watercolor.esp not found". Then it activates fine and the file tree appears normal. There are no conflict issues (except for the SMIM mesh I let it overwrite) and it appears to be installed correctly and load order is correct.


When I launch the game through Mod Organizer and SKSE, Realistic Water Two appears to be working fine, except the Watercolor plugin has no effect. I have no idea why this happens, but not sure if its related to Mod Organizer 2 or the mod itself. I haven't noticed an issue with other mods I've installed so far.


Any idea what might be wrong?



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Thanks...Its working. My load order was fine but the teal color is just very subtle with my ENB and weather mod. I expected it to be more, but on close inspection of comparison screenshots I can see that the water is in fact greener, its just hard to tell. The error in mod organizer is not relevant.

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