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Wrye Bash freeze on launch



Wrye Bash freezes on launch. Details:


Ver 307 (most current; from NexusMods)

Standalone; installed in C:\Games\SteamLibrary2\Steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Mopy

No error log (empty file)

Launched through MO2

Freezes with "initializing saveinfos" dialog box and Wrye Bash splash graphic


Tried -d for debugging; no log

Tried converting skyrim.ini from UTF-8 to ANSI; converts, but resets back to UTF-8

Tried Docs and INI Tweaks folders in Data; not fixed

Tried installing python version; same error


What's confounding is the installation initially worked (well, and without issue) until... I guess something changed, but I don't know what. 


Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Does Wrye Bash work normally if you run it from a command line or from Windows Explorer?


No. Same freezing behavior.


On a whim, I emptied the save folder. Wrye Bash launched fine. While I didn't explicitly solve the problem, I found an implicit fix. Guessing maybe some sort of corruption in a save file.

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