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Skyrim SE for Console Users

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My husband is a console gamer, so I am learning how to mod his Skyrim Special Edition game on his Xbox One. I have made some new friends who create and port mods for the Xbox One and Play Station 4. I felt it was time to create a forum for console users. After all, S.T.E.P. is the acronym for Skyrim Total Enhancement Project, and this shouldn't just apply to PC users, imo. To start this forum off, I will direct you to my friend's blog site where you can learn the ins and outs of console modding. Tarshana, of Tarsh Gaming, is very active with console modding. She also works very closely with some very well known mod authors and produces high quality mods for console users. Please check out her blog site and especially the following links:

Console Modding 101

Create your own console Logical Load Order by following these suggestions:

Logical Load Order


Feel free discuss this topic. Console modding can be challenging and it's nice to know there are mod authors who are willing to support console gamers. 

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