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Any way to Set/Remember "Multiline Viewer/Editor" window size?




Within xEdit, when double clicking a text field to open the "multi-line viewer" (or multi-line editor if Shift is held when double clicking), is it possible to set a default size of the window that opens? 


I'm going through and editing the description for a lot of OMODs and like to use the multi-line editor to do so. But I have to resize the window every time so it doesn't block the property data as i scroll down through the record. So would also be nice if it'd remember the last size I adjusted it to, so it reopens to the last size it was before it was closed.


I've read through all the xEdit tips file and also looked through the "Plugins.xxxviewsettings" (Plugins.fo4viewsettings in my case) file, and didn't see anything that seemed like it would do what i was wanting. Does anyone else know of a way to do this? I'm not sure if i'm alone in wanting this feature, but i'd be open to any tips/alternatives to help make this process a bit more fluid.


Thank you for reading

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