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No flags





I don't seem to have flags that highlight overwritten mods. 


I have the flags category but it's empty and when i install mods that overwrite textures it just doesn't highlight them as it did in old MO.


Anyone knows how to fix it?



Disregard please. Somehow it fixed itself...

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If you don't see the Flags column at all, right click on the header row (say on "Mod Name" at the top) and click Flags if it's not already checked. If it's already checked and you still don't see Flags, you might uncheck it and then recheck it to see if this changes the width so it's visible. If you still don't see the flags column, has it scrolled off to the side? If so, use the scroll bar at the bottom of the grid to scroll the grid right or left to see if you can find it. If it's still not there, the width may be so small that it's not easily seen. The best suggestion I have in this case is to hover the mouse around the header row to see if you can find a partially hidden column and then drag it to increase the width.


If you see the Flags column in the grid but you don't see any icons in this column, right click on any mod in the left pane, click All Mods, click Refresh. If you still don't see the icons in the Flags column, restart Mod Organizer.


EDIT: I just double checked and it looks as if Mod Organizer does not allow resizing columns to the point that they become hidden so this shouldn't be an issue. Thank goodness. I remember having this issue with some other applications (*cough*Excel*cough*) that makes it a pain to fix.

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... some other applications (*cough*Excel*cough*) that makes it a pain to fix.

Not hard to fix in Excel at all - it's actually an intended feature there so you can hide columns or rows that aren't meant to be manipulated by the end user in some cases. Restoring them is as simple as highlighting the row/column on either side of the hidden one, right-click, set size, and entering a new size - all three go to the new size and you have the hidden column back. :)

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