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Change ENB Sky color, but when raining sky is " unmatched " color.



Hello ! I wanted to edit vividian ENB sky color to a bit more deep blue, cause originally its way too bright imo. So, shift - entered into enb menu, scrolled down to " sky " checked the " ignore weather system " ( or unchecked ? ) and tweaked the colors manually.. It worked , it looked just like i wanted it to, but there is an huge issue. Lets say when it rains , the sky instead of grey , it will always be deep blue in all rainy / snowy weathers... Do i really need to edit all " rainy weathers " wherever that could be into each ?? Please help me out all i want is a deeper blue sky at daytime :/ ALSO tried different enb like realvision , purevision etc but vividian enb stood out the most with moon lighting etc... in purevision moonlight didnt even work in that enb i had to go in , check the " ignore weather system " just to make the moon glow... lol... its a bit confusing any help will be appreciated !! :)

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