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Nexus download error



Since yesterday whenever I try to download a mod (except once with JK's Skyrim, no idea why.) from the nexus an error appears and the download is interrupted.
This error wasn't fixed by resuming the download, trying it again, reentering the login credentials or changing the NMM Version in the Workarounds section to the new one so I thought I would ask what to try next here.
Manual Downloading via Browser and installing from the archive still work, though so I will do that until this is somehow fixed.

The Log:



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DarkOne in his announcement about the new security changes said that it would take effect on the 8th so that cannot be it. Besides, it seems to me like no one else has this problem which would be the case if this problem came from that.
It's strange that this just started happening out of nowhere. I cannot remember changing anything in the MO2 settings that could have caused this.

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I have also had this issue for the past few days.  Someone on the Legacy of the Dragonborn forum told me that it had to do with changes in Nexus to comply with new standards.  They also said that until MO2 did an upgrade the only way around it was to download manually, and then move the file into the left pain of MO2 manually.  That seems to work, but has other sorts of error messages I don't understand -- nor which seem to interfere with the installation working ok.

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I just downloaded and installed the newest MO2 Version 2.1.3 (which had a changelog so long it couldn't even fit on my 1080p screen so I had to blindly press Enter) and that seems to have fixed the issue.
Let's just hope the next major security change like this will take another 8 years.
Thanks for the feedback. I really thought I was the only one with this problem.
It is strange though that the old code stopped working immediately after DarkOnes announcement, even though in it he gave the MO2 devs (and others relying on the API) until yesterday to update their software.
Maybe it was an accident?
Anyway, I'm glad this is sorted out.

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